The vision for hearMe is to create an empowering and sustainable piece of jewelry, which helps you to release a powerful, loud alarm sound in case your own voice fails. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to inform your family and friends about your location in the moment you need help.

Security starts with education. We will create a community to encourage and inspire people to be mindful about themselves and their surroundings. Our aim is to support prevention work and to build trust in our own senses and abilities so that we can all put a statement against any kind of violence – for a diverse future full of kindness and love!

Team - hearMe

Susana Gomez 

# Dipl.Des.
# Creative head
# Communications expert
# Mother of two

Olya Plisko

# Comp.Eng.
# Computer scientist
# Scrum master
# Mother of one

Daria Stepanova

# Dipl.Eng.
# Hardware designer
# Rocket scientist
Enjoy making things and people work