Unsere Startup Teams 2021

Wir fördern in diesem Jahr 8 Startup Teams, die sich im Auswahlprozess unserer Jury durchgesetzt haben:


Kuwala is a data integration and blending tool for data scientists and data engineers to quickly and securely combine and analyze external data sources with internal data. Kuwala's vision is to become a standard for third-party data integration, enabling more companies to develop and deploy advanced data science models. https://kuwala.io/ 

Mentor: Carsten Zaddach (BDE GmbH)

Kuwala Logo

Lingu is a language learning app that helps people learn a language by speaking. Using voice recognition and simulated dialogues Lingu helps the student to practice speaking in a safe environment, reducing the fear of making mistakes. Our goal is to increase the number of expats that reach B2 level German in 2 years

Mentor: Peggy Lindner (Sprachweiser)

Lingu Logo

LoveLane is an AI based couples coaching app. Our vision is to help couples create deep, strong and healthy relationships. With LoveLane, couples will become more mindful of their relationship by focusing on the positive aspects of their partnership. They will strengthen their bond by talking about questions they have never thought about and receiving new inspiration for joint activities and dates. They will also be able to solve relationship issues through our self-learning courses or by talking to one of our couple’s therapist. We believe that self-care was yesterday, relationship care is next.

Check out our website if you're curious (German only for now, sorry) www.lovelane.co

Mentor: Mali Baum (WLOUNGE)

LoveLane Logo

mAIndcraft is a comprehensive digital mental health therapy solution that improves therapy access and efficiency by combining telemedicine and machine learning to dramatically streamline therapists’ resources and tailor interventions precisely to patients needs in real time. mAIndcraft offers patients both, immediate access to therapists in multiple languages and a digital data- driven companionship to boost therapy positive effects between therapy sessions. http://maindcraft.com/

Mentor: Arndt Schwaiger (hellmetrics GmbH)

mAIndcraft Logo

OM-LoT (Optical Micromanipulation Lab on Tip)’s mission is to make cancer diagnosis and treatment options fast, accessible and non-invasive, to reduce the difficulties for cancer patients by shortening the time of the diagnosis and screening process to less than a day while being almost 10X cheaper.
At OM-LoT, we are developing a device which makes the process of cancer cell detection and stratification, faster and simpler. In our process, cancer related cells are collected from patient’s blood sample. These cells are then characterized and arranged into subgroups based on their unique optical properties and by means of our propriety optical spectroscopy device. Using our AI based analysis on the correlation of cancer cell subgroups with their therapeutic effects, the correct therapy is then identified and suggested to the doctors. https://om-lot.tech/ 

Mentor: Bettina Zielke (Conscious Digital Health)


Optimo is developing a planning software that will help shift managers from production companies to easily, effectively and quickly implement training sessions into the daily work of production employees. The software is supposed to help prepare employees for the changing work environment of Industry 4.0. Therefore, Optimo helps shift managers in manufacturing companies to adjust shift planning regarding learning time to enable a long-term learning strategy. https://tryoptimo.eu/

Mentoren: Rico Schady (FoP Consult GmbH)


PLATONIC is a Mobile-first location-based meetup app that enables people to make real-time, real-world connections where they are right now. PLATONIC opens opportunities for users to instantly find or create events in their hyper-local community by just answering three basic questions on our app: WHAT? WHEN? and WHERE? As an initial MVP, we offer free access for individual users to attend or create an event for up to 10 people, which will add expanded SaaS features that will enable professionals to create larger scale events and hyper-local advertising options. In addition to already existing text and video chat features, PLATONIC is planning to incorporate new tools such as machine learning, augmented reality, and push notification advertisements to enhance the user and subscriber experience. https://platonictech.com/

Mentor: Robert Anders

Sermonis AI

Sermonis AI is a conversational AI startup with plans to revolutionize the deployment of enterprise-grade intelligent virtual assistants built upon state-of-the-art NLP technologies. We envision a future in which the modern worker’s intellect and decision-making skills are augmented by a virtual assistant capable of rapidly reasoning through the immense amounts of proprietary data that will be generated by enterprises of the fourth industrial revolution. https://www.sermonis.ai/

Mentor: Olaf Kehrer (O&O Software GmbH) | Dirk Stocksmeier (]init[ AG für digitale Kommunikation)

Sermonis AI Logo

Our Startup Teams 2020

In 2020, we funded seven startup teams that prevailed in our jury's selection process:

Team Ecotrek

Ecotrek is the first AI-based sustainability sourcing platform that provides transparency of sustainability indicators to boost zero carbon supply chain. With ecotrek, you can manage the most comprehensive datasets among the sustainability landscape. Our goal is to establish sustainability as the fourth dimension in purchasing decisions next to time, quality and costs.

Kai Gehrmann (Stiehl/Over/Gehrmann GmbH)
Armin Berger (3pc GmbH)


hearME is a comprehensive solution for personal safety including a community platform, guardian app and jewelry wristband for self-defense. By wearing our personal alarm device as an everyday accessory it already strengthens the users confidence and safety feeling. Wearing the bracelet on the wrist allows the user to activate it fast and easy with one finger and thus offers an effective help in case of an emergency. Just in case of activation pre-chosen SOS-contacts and other app users around will be informed about the users location for being able to organize help. We believe in creating a trustful community and products as a statement against any kind of violence and to inspire people to be mindful about themselves and their surrounding.

Viola Klein (Saxonia Systems Holding GmbH)

hearme logo

Mineiros is building a platform that allows users to automate the management and deployment of their infrastructure according to their needs and required customizations. As a market entry product Mineiros offers a subscription based Infrastructure as Code (IaC) library to provide access to secure, tested and production grade Cloud infrastructure to everyone. In the future Mineiros will build up on this automation and provide a platform with fully managed cloud services. Our overall intention is to democratize the usage of cloud infrastructure and support resource-friendly innovation in various sectors.

Dirk Stocksmeier (]INIT AG[)
Steffen David (IPB Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH)

mineiros logo

Die Resonanz Energy RE GmbH ist ein Software Start-Up im Bereich der erneuerbaren Energien. Das Unternehmen hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Erzeugung und den Verbrauch von Strom durch eine in-novative, modulare Plattform und ein dynamisches Energiemanagementsystem zu flexibilisieren und besser aufeinander abzustimmen. Mithilfe von Automatisierung und intelligenten Algorithmen sollen Ineffizienzen eliminiert und somit die Gesamtkosten für alle Marktteilnehmer gesenkt werden. https://resonanz.io/

Dirk Seewald (eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG)

resonanz logo
vähk logo

Vähk is an analytics tool to manage, predict and improve the cure and treatment of cancer diagnosed patients. Besides creating its own anonymized dataset with permission of the patients, it uses several reliable APIs to filter data cases. It currently has access to +34,000 patient cases. It shares it further though our own API blueprint. The app is a combined: Management tool, Predictive model & Electronic health record (EHR).

Stefan Zorn(Imatics Software GmbH)

vähk logo

Yoona Tech is a scalable Artificial Intelligence based B2B software solution, which shortens the fashion design process to only some simple clicks and furthermore the possibility to create an individual design is much more easier. By using design data YOONA proposes new collections, single designs, prints, materials or color concepts. New trends or other sales-oriented data can also be incorporated. The Yoona Technology pursues the vision of a holistic digitization and is committed to encourage conscious consumption and drive sustainability through the automation of design process.

Peer Hohn (sys-pro GmbH)

Magic Zebra 

Magic Zebra’s mission is to help companies and employees transition to the future of work. We facilitate a happier, healthier, more sustainable and at the same time more productive way of working. Therefore we are applying state of the art technologies such as Machine Learning, NLP combined with the newest findings in behavioral psychology to analyse, empower and shape the workforce of the future.

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