Unsere Startup Teams 2022

Wir fördern in diesem Jahr 8 Startup Teams, die sich im Auswahlprozess unserer Jury durchgesetzt haben:


Beams is developing the meta layer of SaaS products to help people work better, not more.
Our first product is a Mac Menu Bar App that indicates the one thing to focus on at any given time (meeting, focus, etc.) non-intrusively in the menu bar. Beams learns about your personal work context to intelligently suggest deep work blocks where distractions are eliminated and it delivers emails, messages and notifications in batches at the right time. Our overall goal is to build a mindful New Work solution that improves peoples’ well-being at work - starting with product & tech teams.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/usebeam

Institut für Abenteuer

Our application Ähm?! is an e-health solution and a safe space that offers emotional support and exchange to young people in the field of first sexual experiences. It contributes sustainability to the mental and physical health of young people. This includes social integration, diversity, emancipation and prevention of addiction and crime. With Ähm?! the Institut für Abenteuer offers sexual education as well as media empowerment, which is scalable for other age and target groups.



Integre is a NFT p2p platform that facilitates and encourages group trading of NFT “bundles” — groups of NFTs that are more valuable together (and more meaningful together) than the sum of its parts. We want to take NFTs beyond the current hype. Analogy: “subreddits with trading”. Traders can browse NFT bundles by theme, then ask to join groups via the chat on our platform. We provide the marketplace infrastructure as well as the minting and fractionalization of ownership. Our first goal is to utilize blockchain technology to increase tradability and scalability of assets classes that have opaque structures, for example, the blue chip fine art market.


Spotliked is Germany's first nano-influencer marketing platform for local influencer marketing.
The side-to-side app provides locals with a sustainable, modern and yet affordable advertising opportunity that was previously inaccessible to them. Business owners can sign up, choose their pricing model and post their deals. On the deal map, Instagram users see the deals in their area, and can choose them. On their account, they post their experience in return. Businesses are thus connected with new customers, get self-running social media content and more reach.



mytayls is an AI-based booking platform for pet-related services such as training, daycare, grooming, and more. Pet owners will be able to find the perfect partner for their pet's needs, book and pay appointments, and keep a pet diary for their records. For the pet service providers, we offer a SaaS solution to digitize their analog processes. We believe that by creating a digital experience, we provide a product that not only satisfies the needs of modern day dog owners and services providers but also contributes to creating a sustainable coexistence for the entire community. We want to become the global search engine for pet-related services.



Nate’s mission is to bridge the gap between Business and IT by offering hands-on education on topics like Digital Product Building, No-Code/Low-Code Tools and Automations. Our education platform and courses are designed to create a technology mindset and enable better decision making and cross-functional collaboration. The courses will be delivered in a cohort-based format with live online lectures led by practitioners and a community of learners helping each other completing assignments.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/getnate/

Peak Power

Peak Power is building a distributed energy storage system that helps balancing the electric grid. With our software solution we control and steer a smart network of distributed storage assets. They automatically react to grid unbalances, store excess energy from renewable energy sources and feed energy back into the grid when most needed. This helps the energy transition and optimises asset economics at the same time.



Re-Fresh Global is a startup in the field of textile circular economy, which upcycles any kind of used textiles and produces new raw materials from them, partly back for the textile industry, partly for other industries to replace virgin or synthetic materials these industries use today. The textile waste management system and the technology developed by the team and partners provides an end-to-end solution for at least 60% of discarded textiles, which make up to 10% of today's municipal waste. Current innovation step is the commercial production of the company's three products: bio-ethanol, nanocellulose and sanitized textile pulp. The process is supported by a smart and digital system that promotes connectivity and data transfer.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/re-fresh-global/

The SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.

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