DeepTech Startup Scholarship

The SIBB Accelerator Program supports early stage technological projects on their way to successful market entry by financing product development. Each team member will get 1.800 Euro financial support and the team will get a suitable workplace and all necessary support.

Our Startup Scholarship (Stipendium in German) aims providing financial and non-material support to future founders - high-achieving and committed students, same as young professionals.

Are you developing technologies for a better life in the city of the future?
Is sustainability important to you? Get funding to help your project off the ground!

Examples for possible Usecases: Smart City - Urban Mobility - Energy & Smart Grid - Hardware & Embedded Software - E-Health Solutions - FoodTech

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Diversity matters - Women in Tech wanted!

Talent & Ideas first - Berliners from everywhere wanted!

Questions? Contact us!

Ron Projektleiter Deep Tech Startup Stipendium Berlin

Project Manager & Coach
Tel: +49 30 4036 7190 5

The Jury is currently selecting a shortlist.

Each team member of your startup receives a monthly 1,800 € scholarship for six up to nine months to work on your project. We support you with:

  • Mentoring: successful leaders from the digital economy
  • Coaching: slose support in product & team building
  • Workshops: trainings in startup-relevant topics
  • Marketing: present your products at SIBB events
  • Networking: contact persons in SIBB member companies

Moreover we offer contact with investors, exchange opportunities with ICT companies and potential customers are from the SIBB network. The particular strength of the SIBB start-up workshop lies in its close ties to tech companies, which provide the project teams with mentors, working space and other support, as well as the opportunity for teams to pitch their projects live in front of potential customers or investors at our numerous events.

Terms and conditions:

  • done: Applications / Elevator pitch
  • Current: our Jury decides about a shortlist of candidates
  • February: Applicants from the shortlist will be requested to complete the required documentation till 23.02.2020
  • March: Pitching Event
    Jury-Voting will decide about the participants chosen fo the program and financing of the projects
  • March: Program Start

Entry conditions

  • you have a resident status in Berlin - all nationalities are welcome
  • you have a university degree or other relevent skills
  • you did not yet found a company for your tech project or it was only recently in Berlin
  • you did not yet received any financial support for your start-up

Applicants with work experience are also welcome!

Selection requirements for DeepTech Startup Stipendium:

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The following selection criteria apply to the scholarship holders:

  • The foundation project is technology-oriented, innovative and knowledge-based. There must be a developed prototype or prototype procedure, and at least a draft version of a business plan.
  • Residence must be in Berlin, nationality or age is not relevant
  • The founders work full-time on their start-up project. Secondary jobs are only possible in exceptional cases and on a small scale.
  • Founders should not have received support from a start-up scholarship previously, and should not currently be receiving support from a scholarship e.g. the EXIST start-up scholarship.
  • As a rule, the start-up cannot be considered founded and economically active on the market. In individual cases, however, the fact that the start-up has already been founded in Berlin does not stand in the way of the subsidy. The registration with the Trade Licensing Office or the Tax Office must be very recently though (max. 3 months before start of program).
  • As a rule, the start-up projects cannot have existing financing. Support despite existing financing is however possible in such cases in which the financial means exclusively serve the development of the enterprise, but are not used for the living costs of the founders (200.000 €  max. in the previous two calendar years).
  • As a rule, no other private or public subsidies are allowed during the program. Contracts with investors can be closed, the date of beginn and transfer of money must be at least one day after end of the program though.
  • Intellectual properties need to remain with the founders during the program as well as 100% of equity.
  • If a company is foundet its headquarters must be in Berlin and remain so for 3 years after end of the program.

Is our project "tech" enough?

Does your project help to achieve Berlin's goal to become a more sustainable and smarter city of the future? You have an innovative idea and are using technology to implement it? You qualify for the program if your answers are yes. Deeper technological Innovation will improve your chances to be on the program - but sometimes simple ideas are the best und have the highest impact.

Following list gives some examples to relevant technologies. Different approaches are always possible though:
  • Solutions and products can come from the following areas, among others:
  • Devices, Device Management, Embedded Systems
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Network (Low-Power/Short-Range, Low-Power/Wide-Area)
  • Processors and Architectures
  • Operating systems
  • Platforms
  • Analytical Tools, Algorithms, Event Stream Processing and Analysis Models
  • Standards and APIs
  • Security technologies for devices, operating systems, platforms and communication paths
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and technologies
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions and Technology
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