Erstellt am: 11.11.2020

Startup Co-Founders Matching: Find your co-founder and apply for the SIBB Startup Scholarship

Cofounder Matching

It is everything else than easy at the moment to network with like-minded people and drive your business idea forward. Networking and getting to know peers is, however, crucial for starting a company. We want to help you with finding your future team members!

Join our co-founder matching event on 3rd of December which will be held online to connect with potential partners who are looking to either:

  • find a team for their existing business idea or
  • join someone else who has an idea and contribute with their skills

In any case, make sure to sign up for our event today and prepare a 1-minute pitch!

As soon as you have settled your team, apply for the SIBB Startup Scholarship and get €1,800 monthly for up to 9 months!

Apply here: