Erstellt am: 10.04.2022

SIBB Startups 2022: First In-Person Workshops for our Teams

SIBB Startups 2022: First In-Person Workshops for our Teams

Since the beginning of February, our teams have been fully involved in our SIBB accelerator program. Due to the ongoing infection situation, the originally first in-person workshops were rescheduled to online events at short notice. Since mid-March, our teams have finally been able to enjoy real interactions again.

As for example in the workshop "Experienced Prototype & MVP" the participants could develop experiments based on hypothesis. Based on that, they learned how to build experience prototypes and how to conduct user tests in order to improve their products and services.

As everyone surely knows from their own experience, direct interactions sometimes result in completely different, and mostly more far-reaching insights and experiences than online events. Through the almost daily exchange with the other teams, now it is also possible for our participants to develop a real community that supports each other and see each other as mutual companions and supporters on the same journey.

At this point, we would also like to thank our member company 3pc GmbH for providing the working space to our startups on a full-time basis in order to successfully develop their ideas to the next level.