Erstellt am: 31.05.2021

SIBB e.V. and RUSSOFT signed a Memorandum of Understanding 

SIBB e.V. and RUSSOFT signed a Memorandum of Understanding

On 26.05.2021 in the office of Polymedia, Russian IT company developing solutions in data visualization for business and public authorities, the meeting SIBB e.V. and RUSSOFT took place.

The meeting has started with welcome words from Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT and René Ebert, the managing director of SIBB e.V.

In their welcome words, Valentin Makarov has referred to the long history of cooperation between Russian and German IT companies. René Ebert has emphasized the importance of building new cooperation in the times of closed boarders.

After the welcoming part, the sides have signed the MoU and agreed on incorporation of the members of RUSSOFT into the pipeline of the German-Russian events organized in the scope of Deep Tech Hub Russia project during the second part of the year. The other cooperation method – co-organization of business delegations. The sides reflected optimism regarding the sooner end of the pandemic and enlarging the size of next Berlin delegation to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and possible first delegation of Russia to Berlin.

After signing agreements, the participant companies started to share their presentations.

Armin Berger, CEO of 3pc GmbH, introduced 3pc vision and current project, and talked on the topic of digital transformation in both countries.

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of Search Inform, one the leading risk management product developers in Russia, introduced their solution for protecting business against data theft, international use cases and touched the topic of data protection policy in Germany.

Maxim Umetbaev, Commercial Service Director, Polymedia, had provided an extensive overview of Polymedia projects, more than 9500 throughout CIS countries, and their vision on providing engineering solutions based on AI. The CEO of Polymedia, Elena Novikova, joined for the closing remarks of the presentation and a Q&A session about business internationalization.