Erstellt am: 28.06.2020

Polish Tech Day 2020 is almost here! 

Pittsburg AI Webinar

On July 8th we will be excited to be part of the Partner Event of Polish Tech Night - the fully online and one of the most esteemed events around polish new technologies outside of Poland - Polish Tech Day!

This year’s edition will focus on describing the new reality, which has taken us by storm, through four keywords: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). 

We will explore how tech and business can become more resilient and respond by adapting their organizational models, internal structure and corporate culture.

The event has always been a great opportunity to listen to amazing keynotes and panels, meet the hottest start-ups and investors from both Poland and Europe and of course to network! 

We will contribute to this year's edition of the event by conducting a fireside chat with Dr. Reiner Kraft.

Hurry up and register and don’t wait any longer! Register here.