Erstellt am: 08.09.2019

Projekt PointOut: "Who is Who in Berlin?" SIBB in the panel discussion at the Berlin Welcome Day 2019 conference.

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More and more start-up founders decide to come Berlin wondering where to find relevant business partners and effective networking opportunities. Berlin Welcome Day 2019 organized by Club Globals aims to "Make International Life Easy" and therefore, last weekend brought professional expats, entrepreneurs,  freelancers and founders together in order to boost their network and help to settle in the city.

The conference agenda was packed with inspiring presentations and networking possibilites.  Rene Ebert, SIBB Managing Director, had a pleasure to contribute some important insights to the panel disussion with founders from PIABO and WLounge. Dynamic discussion and exchange between the panelists helped the audience to learn more about the movers and shakers in the digital ecosystem in Berlin! 

Thank you Club Globals for the invitation and fruitful networking!