Erstellt am: 26.08.2019

PointOut: Fairfax County Economic Development Autohrity as a new SIBB community member. 

The SIBB PointOut team welcomed Ms. Jatinder Kaur Khosla, Business Development Manager (USA office) and Mr.Markus van Tilburg, Director (Europe office) of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, at Potsdamer Platz to discuss the expansion of the already existing cooperation and plan a visit to Fairfax County in the course of a planned SIBB PointOut Business Delegation 2020. Furthermore, the meeting helped us to identify synergies between Berlin and Fairfax County such Big Data, Mobility, Smart City, Cybersecurity and discuss available tolls aiming to support an acquisition process of highly qualified candidates to Mach37 and Smart City Works accelerators located in US.

We are looking forward to our fruitful collaboration, further knowledge exchange and jointly organized future Events!