Erstellt am: 03.11.2020

PointOut: Berlin meets USA event series went digital for the second time this year! 

The current COVID-19 pandemic represents a “whiteboard” occasion to promote the implementation of the best technology and infrastructure for modern cities including the smart mobility. Transatlantic cities, due to their size and congestion, are particularly considered as incubators for new technologies.

Therefore, the second digital edition of our American networking event powered by Berlin Business Office USA and Georgia Department of Economic Development focused on how to create not only smart but also resilient, healthy and engaged cities of tomorrow. 

We were pleased to welcome transatlantic panelists from Smart City Works VENTURE LABS , URBANITE VENTURE, Georgia Institute of Technology, Detroit Regional Partnership & New York City Economic Development Corporation. The vibrant discussion focused on the following questions:

  • How are the American cities rethinking their strategies for the future? Which new business opportunities will be created?
  • What are the challenges for cities in the “post-corona” era? How can they be tackled by the digital solutions?
  • How could the current pandemic affect the smart mobility market in the US?
  • How do transatlantic cities support international businesses with their expansion?
  • What are the best practice cases from international cities?

Last but not least, our audience had chance to get to know the smart city solutions, planning to conquer the American market! Big applause to Smart City System GmbH, Airly, LiveEO, THAUMATEC Sp. z o. o. 

In case you miss our webinar - you can find the webinar recording here. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming, international networking events!