Erstellt am: 27.09.2021

Our SIBB Startup Optimo won the EBSpreneurship pitch competition

SIBB Deep Tech Startup Accelerator continues! Application round 2022 will start soon

In April Optimo got selected at the full time scholarship from SIBB to empower production workers to their fullest potential. This gave Optimo the opportunity to test ideas and build a MVP - after months of ideation and problem understanding they developed an product that excites their target group - manufacturing companies in the metal industry.

Last weekend Optimo was part of the EBSpreneurship Forum in Oestrich-Winkel where the Co-Founders Rinusan Navakumaran and Mona Ghazi pitched their idea to an audience of highly experienced business angels and VCs. Optimo won the pitch competition and with that a coaching and EBS wine.

Optimo organizes learning on shop floor level for production employees in order to prepare them for the changing work environment of Industry 4.0 with the focus of peer-to-peer learning sessions and team-based learning goals