Erstellt am: 29.11.2020

One of Russia's leading energy companies KirovTEK is looking for technological solutions - German startups are invited for application

One of Russia's leading energy companies "KirovTEK" ist looking for technological solutions - Germany startups and companies are invited for application

One of the largest energy companies KirovTEK (part of the group of companies Kirovsky Zavod, St. Petersburg) announces the selection of technological solutions.

Technological priorities are:

• Metering units, implementation of meters. Collection and processing of data from lines, including industrial IOT. Pipe inspection systems. Diameter of pipes from 16 mm to 1200 mm, prediction of accidents and breakdowns.

• Capitalization of energy assets. Customer service automation.

• HR solutions. Monitoring of personnel, forming a picture of the working day. Verification of job applications, chat bots for onboarding and staff adaptation

• Technical safety and efficiency. Increase in boiler efficiency, improvement of fuel combustion in the boiler furnace, operation of burners, economizers, heat-exchange non-contaminated equipment, instrumentation equipment (monitoring of systems, temperature of tires, tips), water treatment systems, cleaning of pipelines, water preparation and protection of pipelines from corrosion.

• Design and energy efficiency. Programs for calculating losses of power supply, heat. Products related to BIM modeling.

Projects receive:

• A platform for product testing,

• Technological support of experts,

• Paid pilot implementation, with compensation up to 500 thousand rubles.

Please apply here

Applications are accepted until the 25th of December.