Erstellt am: 20.03.2021

New Startups for SIBB accelerator! Batch 2021 selected!

SIBB Startup Jury stellt sich vor: Sebastian Schwenke und Louis Heinz

We proudly accounce our successful completion of our selection process for our SIBB Deep Tech Startup Stipendiums Batch 2021 startups!

Out of 50 application videos our expert jury (SIBB Business Leaders, Business Angels, Technology Experts and Startups Coaches) selected a Top 10 Shortlist including diversity as relevant selection criterion.

Our Women in Tech campaign has been really successful:

  • Top Ten Shortlist: 67% female applicants!
  • Extended Shortlist: still 50% female founders.

We will shortly announce our new teams in detail:
  • Kuwala
  • Lingu
  • Lovelane
  • Maindcraft
  • OM-Lot
  • Optimo
  • Platonic
  • Sermonis AI