Erstellt am: 09.06.2021

New Ideas from Berlin to the World - SIBB Startups presenting their Projects

New Ideas from Berlin to the world - SIBB Startups presenting their projects

Since more than two month now our highly diverse and extremely motivated teams are in our SIBB accelerator program and eager pushing to the next stages of development of their projects. 

On June 01 you will have the opportunity to see the teams for yourself and participate in the pitch event as a spectator. This will also the first opportunity for the teams to present their ideas and developments to the public. We therefore warmly invite you to be part of it, to give feedback or to be inspired. 

In particular, we are looking forward to the participation of potential investors & business angels for a possible follow-up financing, mentors who are currently mentoring the teams in personal sessions and sharing their many years of business experience with the participants, coaches & trainers who are currently provide the teams with the necessary know-how in numerous workshops, the jury which made it possible for the teams to be selected for the program, and the entire SIBB network which can be a potential and important door openers for our teams in the future.

An overview and more info of the participating teams can be found here. 

Via Eventbrite you can get one of the free but limited tickets of the event.