Bpolnet sp. z o.o.

ul. Człuchowska 9/6
01-360 Warszawa

Telefon: +48 (22) 102-19-10

Webseite: https://bpol.net/

We are an enterprise e-commerce development company with a proven track record in developing and implementing world-class wholesale and retail web applications.

Our goal since 2011 has been to guide companies to become leaders, by developing highly scalable end-to-end commerce platforms and by enabling quicker time-to-market and economies of scale. Now over one million people are using our clients’ websites, as proof that our Agile team consisting of over 40 professionals is the one bringing innovation home.

We have all the necessary know-how and employ all the latest technologies to ensure that we design, develop and implement exactly the solution need for every business, all while respecting the highest standards of quality.


  • E-commerce Implementation

  • E-commerce Technology Consulting

  • Product Development

  • E2E Maintenance & DevOps

  • E-commerce Training

  • E-commerce Merchandising

  • Enterprise Application integration

  • Quality assurance

To find out more about our services and capabilities, visit our website and get in touch with us and we’ll detail everything!

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