Erstellt am: 30.08.2021

Let’s work with Russian IT! – Highlights from German-Russian Evening

Developing Smart Transportation &  Smart city Systems in Russia and Germany

German-Russian evening for IT companies based in Berlin-Brandenburg area took place on the 26th of August in the nice Russian restaurant in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

The primary goal of the dinner with B2B networking was to identify trends and challenges for the companies ready to enter Russian market in the pandemic times. The invited guests had represented Deep Tech startups, investors and SIBB member companies.

The official part of the evening started with the welcome speech by René Ebert, Managing Director of SIBB e.V. who had greeted everyone and shared the stories from the first SIBB e.V. delegation to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia in May 2021.

The speech was followed by the honorary guests of the evening:

- Dr. Sergey Nikitin, Leiter der Repräsentanz der Handels- und Industrie, HIK Russland.

- Dr. Rainer Seider, Leiter des Referats Außenwirtschaft, Europäische Wirtschaftspolitik, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe.

The last welcome speech was given by Ronald Huster, COO, International Software Quality Institute iSQI, SIBB member company.

The highlight of the evening was the virtual greeting from the SIBB e.V. partner -  IT association RUSSOFT, the biggest IT association in Russia. Valentin Makarov, has virtually welcomed guests and encouraged them to work with Russian IT companies.

The community connected during this evening is going to be actively engaged into the upcoming Deep Tech Hub Russland online activities - webinars, pitch seasons and direct matchmaking sessions with Russian IT companies.