Erstellt am: 05.05.2020

It’s not Machine Learning. It’s Human Teaching! - Rewatch the great talk by Ramsés Gallego on this up-to-date topic

DeepTechAward 2020: Bewerbungen können ab sofort eingereicht werden - SIBB-Hotline für Fragen ist online

"You don't compete with machine learning, you collaborate with machine learning. Because on the scientific aspects of data - we lose."

We enjoyed this great and energetic talk by Ramsés Gallego in our webinar together with Codete & IE University named "It’s not Machine Learning. It’s Human Teaching!"

Ramsés led us through the different types of artificial intelligence, current developments in machine learning and both what needs to and will happen in this dynamic field in the near future - hereby particularly pointing out the challenges of cyber security that we are facing.

If you want to extend your knowledge on this up-to-date topic and enjoy learning from a more than passionate expert, then watch the webinar on YouTube.

The main talk starts at minute 8: