Erstellt am: 08.11.2021

Inspiring impressions from our SIBB Startups OM-LoT & mAIndcraft at the E-Health Salon

SIBB startups presented themselves at the deGUT 2021

hc:spirit is one of the leading e-health research and consultants in Berlin, Germany, with a great network and support services for companies as well as start-ups. One of their amazing events is the well-known e-health salon where companies, experts, freelancers, and startups come together and discuss matters on e-health related topics and especially insurance related matters. Dr. Asa Asadollahbaik from our startup OM-LoT described her impression in the following words: 

“As the founder and CEO of OM-LoT, I was privileged to attend this meeting with the support of SIBB accelerator program. I was amazed with the quality of speakers and their very precise and right to the point discussion points. Since we are startup in the field of MedTech, developing a hardware and having AI as our enabling technology, I was able to talk to companies with support programs for hardware-based startups. I also met Pfizer incubator, which is very relevant in my field, especially with their latest focus on oncology matters. It was a great event, with amazing speakers and an extra ordinary networking opportunity. Highly recommended to all digital based startups.”

For all participants it was a chance to reflect and call to actions towards making healthcare not just digital but efficient and patient centric with AI, precision, and interoperability.

It was this high health-tech spirit that also attracted another one of our healthcare startups mAIndcraft (which is exactly on the mission to realize next- wave mental health with AI and vocal biomarkers along the patient journey) to join and gained precious 1:1 follow-up leads with several statutory health insurances. A further significant proof of concept for the early-stage startup and a validation that next- wave mental health is mostly needed now.