Erstellt am: 04.11.2021

SIBB unterstützt Berliner Startups bei Pilotprojekten in Moskauer Verkehrsunternehmen


At this panel discussion, which took place at Wolves Summit in Wroclaw on 20th of October 2021,  was highlighted a role of the Universities, which should and have the power to support the startup ecosystem. Academic ambient has the right infrastructure to sustain deep research and development over a lengthy period of time and with the right guidance in commercialising they can generate massive economic growth.  

3 Speakers took part in the panel discussion:

Peter Cowley - Serial entrepreneur from Cambridge, United Kingdom. Parallel angel investor, President of Emeritus European Business Angel Network.

René Ebert -  Managing Director of SIBB e. V. - Digital Business Association of Berlin and Brandenburg.

David DANA - Head of VC investments - Disruptive Tech & Innovation at European Investment Fund (EIF).

René Ebert gave an overview about SIBB e. V. and Berlin's startup ecosystem, and emphasized the importance of cooperation with universities.