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IMPACT Poland Open Call - Looking for startups registered or willing to open a subsidiary in Poland!

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Are you working on solutions for the energy, chemistry, construction, automotive, medical or IT industry? Join a 6-month acceleration program and 400 hour of mentoring, get PLN 200,000 (€45,000) equity-free and the opportunity to cooperate with the large industry-leading companies. Apply before 22 October!

IMPACT_POLAND is a unique, original acceleration program for startups, micro and small companies in the field of

#Smart City / #IIoT / #AR / #AI

Our acceleration program is dedicated to startups, micro and small entrepreneurs who develop their products, services or technologies in broad sectors of Smart City, Industrial Internet of Things, Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence. We are looking for projects that have at least a working prototype (or are able to implement the MVP in a few months), and require the support of a large industrial partner.

IMPACT_POLAND is a program for innovators in the Smart City, IIoT, AR and AR industries who have the necessary knowledge, vision, and determination to execute their project.

We offer 6 months mentoring program, collaboration with the accelerator, support of technology recipients and 200k PLN in cash EQUITY FREE for companies with the most interesting solutions!

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