Erstellt am: 28.09.2020

Frontiers Health 2020: Start-up Discovery

Frontiers Health 2020: Start-up Discovery

Showcase your company at Frontiers Health 2020 and get the opportunity to engage with top global VCs and experts from the digital health ecosystem. Discover more about the Start-up Discovery sessions and apply here:

Frontiers Health is looking for startups in the health industry from any part of the world. The startups should have already launched the product in the market, and have at least initial traction or preferably be at seed and later stages.

For the first time, Frontiers Health moved the iconic Start-up Discovery sessions online, running them in parallel and fully virtual on Nov 12 and 13. This setting allows to increase the number of tracks dedicated to up-and-coming start-ups in search of global exposure. This year we will form a number of startup cohorts based on the areas of their activities which are:

  • Digital Therapeutics & Biomarkers
  • Disease Knowledge, Diagnostics & Detection
  • Disease Tracking & Predictive Analytics
  • Mental & Behavioural Health
  • Personal genetics
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Telehealth & Virtual Care
  • Tele-pharmacy
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Trials

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