SIBB Forum Public Sector @ Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 2018

Datum:  Dienstag, 24.04.2018

Zeit:  14:00 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr

Ort:  ESMT, Schloßpl. 1, 10178 Berlin

Veranstalter:  SIBB Forum Public Sector @ ASIA-PACIFIC WEEK BERLIN 2018

Role of the Government
Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: Best Practices, Trends and Principles 

The possibilities of the Digital Transformation are undeniable also in the public sector a main driver of the implementation of a new thinking how better governmental processes can be delivered. We want to have a look at both sides, Europe and Asia how in different societies similar problems in the public sector can be solved by using new Technologies. Even Blockchain Projects are visible at the horizon in the public sector. How amazing is that?!

The SIBB Forum Public Sector is looking forward to have a vibrant discussion with our experts from Germany and Asian countries like Japan. 


14:00 – 15:30 - Role of the Government:  Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: Best Practices, Trends and Principles


  14:00 – 14:15 - init AG

Dirk Stocksmeier / Founder & CEO and also the Head of the “SIBB Forum Public Sector”


Speech & Moderation of the Panel


“Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: Best Practices, Trends and Principles”



Digital transformation has a major impact on government. At the same time, government plays a central role in the digitalization of society. What are the main action fields for the government to enfold the transforming power of digital technologies? What will drive this transformation? What are the common challenges and barriers the public sector faces? Learn how principles like Once-Only reshape government and which trends and technologies make the difference for a better outcome for both government and economy.






 14:15 – 14:30 - European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH

Christin Markwardt / Senior Consultant


“Digitalization in Public Sector”


Constant changes and new possibilities in information technology force increasing requirements for digitalization in many areas of the society. Citizens and enterprises expect the same approach also in public administration sector. To adequately address lacking, incomplete and user-suboptimal e-government services in Germany, the Bundestag passes an e-government law in 2013. 


An integrated set of software and hardware applications should help to establish and maintain a complete and efficient electronic workflow through entire companies or government agencies. For digitalizing, managing and archiving files and documents as well as for using electronic signatures, a wide range of different technologies are available.

How does this work in real life? - Our presentation is designed to illustrate a practical example of an efficient public authority process.



14:30 – 14:45 - National Innovation Agency, Thailand



Pun Arj Charitana / Director






























14:45 – 15:00 - LucaNet AG 

Marcus Schmid / Head of International Management


“Governmental financial performance management solution in Asian-Countries”


The public sector and herein mainly the state-owned enterprises are big and economically active players in the market. This agility requires a financial performance management solution which can adapt fast and flexible on the requirements of the different and wide sectors. Learn how LucaNet is managing those heterogeneous structures and transfers them into a management- and governmental reporting.




15:00 – 15:15 - - AiRelo

Mario Paladini / Founder & CEO


“Chatbots and AI making the services of cities smarter”


When you move to a new city for work you want to set-up hassle free to be productive and enjoy from day one. Unfortunately, first, you need to deal with a bureaucratic jungle, for example with the city registration.


Learn how Chatbots and AI revolutionize the registration process, making it simple, intuitive and engaging — creating more human user-friendly interactions. 



 15:15 – 15:30 - Osaka/Japan

Yoi Kim, Founder & CEO


„Collaborations of Public sectors and Smart City related Startups in East Asia„


Nowadays, the conservative public sector in East Asia(Especially, Japan and South Korea) are changing.They positively changes policies and make lows for upcoming trends with the slogan "Small Convenience brings Big Smart". Learn how Japanese and South Korean public sector collaborate with Startups and take a look some examples.