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  • FoodTech-Innovation & Food Processing
  • Ensuring food safety; traceability & traceability
  • Marketing platforms for regional food producers
  • Logistics
  • Digital processes as business basis in the digital economy

We are the contact for companies in the food industry in the region:
Through digitalization and networking to success in marketing and business processes


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Forum speakers

Sven Schiller Foto Forensprecher FoodTech

Sven Schiller

Schiller Beratung | RegioFood_Plus - Website
Kontakt für FoodTech-Anfragen:

About: RegioFood_Plus, Mediation@IHK Potsdam


# Corporate management in food industry and trade
# Company organization and business processes
# Digitalisation of food production

Robert Schultz Foto Forensprecher FoodTech

Robert Schultz
Managing Director

obergudt - Website


# Marketing of food
# Online platforms food distribution
# Smart City in the context of nutrition

Florian Richter Foto Forensprecher FoodTech

Florian Richter
Managing Director

RS Reeingineering Softwaredesign AG - Website


# Solutions for food production and trade
# [Hardware and software]

Rene Karge Foto Forensprecher FoodTech

René Karge
Logistics expert


# Logistics processes
# Intralogistics Food


Mission: The successful digitization of the regional food sector Berlin-Brandenburg along the logistics chain - i.e. the entire value chain from the production of raw materials on the field, processing, transport, marketing and trade to the customer on the plate - will generate added value for all stakeholders.

Objective: To strengthen the digitisation efforts of food industry enterprises in the Berlin-Brandenburg region by providing information and support Identify business opportunities and reduce concerns about digitization - thereby creating new market potential and generating new customers for food technology companies.

RegioFood_Plus Website

The establishment of this Forum FoodTech in cooperation with pro agro e.V. is a result of the BMBF-funded research project RegioFood_Plus.

All project results and project partners can be found on the project website: