Forum Finance & FinTech

  • Which type of financing suits which start-up / company?
  • Which funding option fits my corporate strategy?
  • Business Angels / Crowdfunding
  • Mezzanine Capital / Venture Capital / Working Capital
  • What projects does the EU support in the technology sector?
  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Exit strategies / Company succession
  • Berlin as a leading German FinTech location with the best investments in the industry


Forum speakers

Thomas Schröter
Founder & Senior Management Consultant

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# Strategy consulting in the field of subsidy financing
# Consulting for Startups / Corporates / Public Sector
# Combination of venture capital and public funding across all phases of growth
# Selection of suitable consultants and service providers
# Identification of suitable support programmes for investment and innovation projects

Christian Borsi
Managing Partner & Corporate Finance and Strategic Advisory

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# Corporate financ
# Venture capital
# Mergers & Acquisitions
# Financing
# Restructuring
# Strategic Advisory
# Business modelling and business development
# Development and support for growth strategies


The Forum Finance & FinTech of the SIBB e.V. enables the exchange of information on all questions of corporate and project financing for companies that use digital technologies to achieve innovations in Berlin & Brandenburg - especially in the FinTech sector.

Technological innovation is necessarily associated with risk. Entrepreneurs enter unfathomable territory and cannot be sure that the next step will be a safe one. It takes courage to take these steps. We would like to encourage you to do so by showing you the possibilities of financial support.

Target groups:

  • Investors
  • Management Board
  • Startups
  • business developers
  • CFOs