Digital optimization of organizations and processes

Increasing digitization will have a decisive influence on how people will manage, live and work in the future. It is important to lay the foundations for your company, products and services of tomorrow today. The changes associated with digitization bring with them advantages and opportunities, but also create completely new challenges.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Association of the Digital Economy SIBB e.V. would like to invite you to present your needs and ideas, as well as to find practical and especially for SMEs suitable solutions for the digitization of companies.

In the course of the event, you will receive clear and comprehensible explanations of digital business processes with a strong practical orientation based on examples. You will learn what you can implement in your company, where you should make use of services and what costs you will have to pay for products and services. You will receive checklists with which you can assess the digital infrastructure of your company and derive further suggestions for improvement. SIBB will also provide you with a suggestion list of IT providers in your region.

Take along suggestions for new or differently implemented processes in your company and look forward to an intensive and beneficial exchange.