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Deep Tech Hub

Let us help you to develop the potential for cooperation between start-ups, investors and companies from the deep tech sector in Berlin, Poland and Russia.

Berlin is one of the leading Deep Tech Hubs Deutschlands und Europas.
It is the capital of start-ups with a unique start-up scene - many write impressive success stories here with their innovative business ideas. Global players, SMEs, start-ups and scientists from Berlin are making remarkable achievements, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

The project Deep Tech Hub serves as a networking and exchange platform within the Deep Tech ecosystem in Berlin and the Central and Eastern European countries Poland and Russia and focuses on the following Deep Tech areas:

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Fintech
  • e-Health & Medtech  
  • IoT / Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing
  • Logistik, Mobility & Smart City

Our international activities are aimed at start-ups and deep tech companies that are looking for partners, want to expand and develop new markets. The main goal of our international network is to internationalize deep tech companies faster and to establish Berlin as a hub for deep tech initiatives in Central Europe.

We will offer Deep Tech start-ups and SMEs from Berlin the opportunity to gain the necessary understanding of Europe's emerging tech ecosystems - Poland and Russia - through high-quality, inspiring educational and entrepreneurship-building formats.  Partners from Poland and Russia will join us in our Deep Tech activities in Berlin.

Project Deep Tech Hub - contact us:

Deep Tech Hub Poland

Adam Formanek
Head of International Projects

Tel: +49 30 403671 902

Deep Tech Hub Russia

Katja Wehmeyer
Project Manager International Business

Tel: +49 30 403671 907


Why Deep Tech?

Although the term "deep tech" only became known through the current start-up hype, the concept behind it has been around for several years. 

This is how Deep Tech start-ups and companies from Central and Eastern Europe make it big internationally via Berlin!

  • Are you looking for solutions and possibilities to develop or test your deep tech applications in a cooperation?
  • Do you want to explore new sales channels for your Deep Tech products and solutions?
  • Have you thought about opening a subsidiary in Berlin or in countries full of undiscovered technological perspectives?
  • Are you interested in cooperation opportunities with clusters and technology centres between Berlin & Central and Eastern Europe?
  • Are you a start-up and interested in incubators of leading German corporates & large companies or are you looking for venture financing?
  • Are you looking for offshoring, nearshoring, onshoring & outsourcing partners?
  • Would you like to be a speaker at conferences and meetups in Berlin, Poland or Russia?

If you agree with one or more of these points, please contact the Deep Tech Hub Team - we are looking forward to your request!

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