Erstellt am: 18.11.2019

#DN19 Hackathin: calling the smartest brains of Berlin & beyond to unite and co-create the future of sustainable living

Brandenburger Technologieabend - Teltow

DN19 Hackathon is a unique opportunity for top teams and companies to co-create solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges through the power of technology backed by our interconnected collaborative ecosystem.

Together with our partners at Maschinenraum, we are organizing a weekend-long hackathon, along with workshops, great breakfasts & dinners in a layback environment to network.

The smartest brains of Berlin and beyond will unite to solve a challenge in smart and sustainable living.

Challenge 1: Integrate Viessmann heating devices in your most innovative smart living solution and take the lead in co-creating future living spaces and win a monetary award from Viessmann, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems.

Challenge 2: Manage and remove bias in AI to make the future of work more diverse and fair with (a Berlin-based team on a mission to change the way the world thinks about company culture) and get a chance to collaborate with on their projects.

Prize: Viessmann will offer 5000 EUR to the winning idea!

2. You will also win the opportunity to further collaborate with on their projects

Who can apply:

Startups with a product, prototype, solution in the areas of cleantech, smart home, smart living, sustainable tech;

Startups with a product, prototype, solution in the area of data science, AI and IoT;

Experts or expert teams with an exceptional knowledge in the area of smart solutions for home and environment;

Data scientists, developers, researchers;



Everyone who is passionate about promoting and improving diversity & integration in teams.