Unsere Startup Teams 2022/23

Wir fördern in dieser Runde 12 Startup-Teams, die sich im Auswahlprozess bei unserer Jury durchgesetzt haben:


Abracadabra is an AI-based project assistant that is specifically tailored to the needs of freelancers. Like a personal assistant, it handles repetitive tasks like email sorting, time tracking, work documentation, and invoicing. It even helps you negotiate a fair estimate and asks your client for more money if your work is more difficult than expected. With this wizard you can create an incorruptible and 100% truthful portfolio, confirmed by completed projects, that future clients can trust.

team abracadabra
AdalanAI logo


Adalan AI is a management consulting & SaaS platform for AI Governance/Management, Policy and Ethics to drive operational excellence, achieve greater customer satisfaction, build public trust and gain competitive edge on the AI market. We help corporates, VCs, investors and policy-makers in Artificial Intelligence product risk assessment and management, impact assessment, policy-tracking and policy formulation by improving/building internal governance strategies, structures, processes and people skills across organizational functions that change the way how algorithms are built.

Team AdalanAI


AGNTS is an app to book a personal agent that runs errands for you. In three simple steps you describe the task, where it starts and where it ends and your agent will run it for you. Our service takes tedious tasks off your shoulders, gives you peace of mind and the ultimate currency: time for the important things in life. In the medium term we will shift to robotics to fulfill the tasks. We create this infrastructure today and make robots accessible for everyone tomorrow.

Logo DemDet


DemDet is a storage and calculation system for demurrage and detention costs and conditions in container logistics. We want to help companies get the most accurate information regarding overall market situation in demurrage and detention conditions as well as help to calculate and forecast exact costs. Costs and conditions will be sourced with the help of API connections, PDF and web site parsers. Data and calculation will be transferred to customers via API, EDI, via web service or as a database.



Equaly is the equal care platform for couples. With equaly, couples can design their individual work-life-family model together and implement it in their everyday life. From the family-cash-flow-planner to the daily organization, equaly supports couples who want to share care work and career more equally. Because while every second german couple would like to have an equal division of family and work, only every fifth couple lives this way (Väterreport 2021). With equaly, we want to close the gap between aspiration and reality.


We at H2Geo offer shipping companies worldwide a package solution to replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen (H2), a clean fuel source with zero carbon emissions. We do this by retrofitting ships with fuel cells and providing affordable green hydrogen with small-scale and scalable green H2 production at local harbours. During the course of the SIBB accelerator, we will be developing our MVP, gathering funding and onboarding pilot customers for our pilot project in Iceland - the cheapest place in the world to produce Green H2. Once we have proof of concept, the next step will be implementing the solution in Germany.

SAM logo


Solutions Additive Manufacturing (SAM) ist eine Softwarelösung zur Echtzeit-Optimierung des Produktionsplans von 3D-Drucker Farmen. Entscheidungen über Druckaufträge werden auf der Grundlage von Ein KI-gestützter Algorithmus getroffen und binden diverse Variablen wie Auftragsdatum, die Verfügbarkeit von Druckern und Personal sowie Lagerkapazitäten mit ein. Damit werden Prozesse sowie Druckzeiten optimiert und wichtige Zeit- sowie Ressourcenersparnisse erzeugt. Schlüsselphasen des Arbeitsablaufs, die häufig manuell durchgeführt werden, wie z. B. die Auftragsverwaltung oder die Produktionsplanung, können automatisiert werden, um Zeit zu sparen und das Risiko menschlicher Fehler zu verringern.

Team SAM
Stocadro Logo


Stocadro digitalisiert die Lagerhaltung in der Baubranche. Der Fokus liegt aktuell auf dem Gerüstbau. Gerüstbauer haben keinen Überblick über ihr Lagerbestände und Materialbewegungen. Das führt zu Ineffizienzen in der Projektplanung und Fehlern bei Materiallieferungen auf Baustellen. Kern des Problems ist die Handhabung von Rücklieferung, die oft unsortiert von der Baustelle zurückkommen. Stocadro entwickelt ein neuartiges Verfahren, um diese Rücklieferung digital aufzunehmen und ermöglicht so den Einsatz von Lagerverwaltungssoftware (WMS) im Gerüstbau. Das Team besteht aus Dr. Johannes King (Business Development, Vertrieb) und Elliot Gorinas (Produkt, Tech). 

Team Stocadro


Transform your social responsibility into long-term business goals that generate both social impact and a financial return on investment. Many models exist with a strong sense of purpose; yet, the lack of a systemic solution to the challenges they are aiming to solve contradicts one of the key selling points for developing mission-driven business models: The mutual benefits of increased reputation, impact, and profit. 144’s approach through their platform makes it simple for small and medium-sized businesses to invest in impact-driven startups that will advance both business objectives and community goals.

Team 144
UfoCourier logo


UfoCourier – is a platform connecting people living abroad and willing to send their parcel back home with independent small delivery partners, enabling faster and more cost-effective shipment in comparison to traditional carriers. With UfoCourier everyone could be a courier – from a transportation company to a private person travelling.

Team Ufo Courier
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uncloud is the first cloud platform that configures itself automatically. uncloud is the cloud experience re-imagined for software developers, so they can focus on what they do best: Build & Test qualitative software. All of the server config, database management, setting up scalable file storage, and everything else that is needed to run software in the cloud at scale is managed by uncloud – fully automatically. With uncloud, software teams can create & ship features to their customers 5-10x faster. Customers with especially sensitive data can also run uncloud in their own AWS account.

team uncloud


ZenZen is a virtual assistant phone app that guides pregnant women on their diabetes journey. ZenZen helps mums and infants to start their new life together stress-free and healthy. ZenZen analyses data collected through AI driven, interactive conversations, focusing on nutrition, mental health, exercise and sleep and provides support and advice in these areas. This results in improved blood sugar levels, better mood and overall quality of life. 

Team ZenZen

The SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.

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